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Composition and Sound - Testimonials

David has composed music for almost all our shows to date. A consummate professional, his compositions are unique – he watches rehearsals carefully, works with discipline and imagination, and always finds an elegant way to express a given moment through sound. It is like having extra actors on stage. His music has become an integral part of our work, and we won’t employ anyone else if we can avoid it!


We say things like ‘give us fourteen seconds of purple sadness with a twist of triumph at the end’ and, somehow, he does exactly that.


The man is a whispering genius.


Max Rubin

Lodestar (Artistic Director)

We listened to the work of literally hundreds of composers to find the right person to create music for our documentary, "My Big Break". David had just what we were searching for: talent, a willingness to collaborate and an amazing, unique sensibility. We just watched our documentary again recently and were, as always, deeply impressed with the truly beautiful, evocative music that David composed for the film. We would work with him again and again. He has a rare gift.

Elizabeth Yoffe & Tony Zierra

True Studio Media (My Big BreakFilmworker)

David came into the process at quite a late stage yet worked incredibly fast. He produced a beautiful score that met critical acclaim in local and national press. His timing and attention to detail was commented on by the actors, who felt he enhanced their emotional journey. He made his work open and responsive to the team. The eventual product enhanced other production values and became a highlight of the piece for audiences across the UK.


I would highly recommend him as a composer of the highest class.


David Hutchinson

Sell a Door (Artistic Director)

I can’t tell you how much his music has done to bring this play to life. He’s a bloody genius!


Gillian Lemon

said&done (Artistic Director)

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